Did you know most sinus infections are fungal and do not 
respond to antibiotics?  Consumers report success with 
colloidal silver.

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Did Ya' Know:
The sea lamprey, a relic of prehistoric times, cannot 
be caught with a rod and hook because it has neither ribs 
nor jaws.  It is a parasite that attaches itself to a fish 
by suction and draws out the victim's blood.

In an astounding naval victory, 2 small ships commanded 
by Maximillien and Gabriel Abos, brothers, flying the 
flag of the Knights of Malta, were attacked off the 
island of Nios, Greece, by 50 Turkish galeons manned 
by 15,000 sailors.  After a battle that lasted an 
entire day, every ship in the Turkish fleet was sunk, 
damaged, or forced to flee, and, although one of the 
brothers was mortally wounded, both their vessels were 
able to continue on their journey.

In a most amazing military victory, Emperor 
Constantine V, leading a Byzantine army of 80,000 
soldiers, fought and defeated a Bulgarian army of 
equal strength without a single Byzantine soldier 
being killed or wounded; yet 20,000 Bulgarians 
were slain (774).

*grin* It makes people wonder!

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Did you know most sinus infections are fungal and do not 
respond to antibiotics?  Consumers report success with 
colloidal silver.

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