On 2016-09-15 at 20:20 ron minnich <rminn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> github.com:akaros/snoopy
> builds, not tested.

builds, fixed up, tested, and works pretty damn well.  you'll need my
latest brho/net branch to use it (including glibc rebuilds).

one of the things i added was the ability to snoop on loopback.  so
for example, you can listen on the loopback and dump the file in pcap
format, which you can then analyze with tcpdump, if you like:

(akaros) $ snoopy -D /net/ipifc/1 > loop.pcap &
(linux ) $ scp my_machine:loop.pcap .
(linux ) $ tcpdump -r loop.pcap -nve -X

for more info:

i tested it on ether0 (default) and ipifc/1 (loopback).  i think it
won't work on ipifc/0, due to the ethermedium code.  i tried -d, -D,
-t, -N and -M.  i added '0' as an option to -N to show everything.  for
more info, checkout the commit log in akaros/snoopy.


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