I am trying to run akka remotely into a IDEA plugin. First of all, I 
managed to run akka locally and remotely outside of the plugin framework 

Then, I run akka locally (two actors that exchange messages) into the 
plugin framework. I managed to do so by specify the classloader (The 
PluginClassloader developed by IntelleJ) when i build the ActorSystem (the 
solution come from https://github.com/freewind/idea-plugin-akka-demo)

Now I want to run akka remotely into the plugin. I setted up a little 
example : https://gist.github.com/danglotb/4300bd36ca2e563a05c673395df1c076

But yet, I was not able to retrieve the ActorRef that is running remotely, 
the ActorSystem returns a 'DeadLetter' instead.

I know it is because of the Specific ClassLoader of the Plugin FrameWork, 
but I do not know what it is missing intoto run akka remotely. (in the Git 
Gist, there is the content of this classloader)

Could you please give me some lead in order to solve this issue?



Dependencies : IDEA CE IC-162.1812.17(SDK), scala 2.11.8, akka-actor 
2.11-2.4.10,akka-remote 2.11-2.4.10, akka-protobuf 2.11-2.4.10, 
config-1.3.10 (from akka lib). dependencies to scala/akka added in the 
module dependencies management as external jars. I can not use maven or sbt 
to manage my dependencies.

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