I would like to build a custom GraphStage that essentially filters out 
elements based on a comparison made against the result of a Future and 
would like to retain this value for future elements.  Additionally, I would 
also like to preserve the order in which elements pass through filter.  My 
current implementation uses mapAsync with parallelism factor set to 1 and 
an actor that executes the future and maintains state.  It pipes results 
back to self for processing and then sends it back to the temp sender 
created in the mapAsync call.  Is this approach appropriate?

Would you be able to provide any high level guidance on how to accomplish 
this in a custom GraphStage?  I think I grasp how AsyncCallbacks work but 
am not 100% sure about how to guarantee order.  If I execute separate 
Futures for each upstream push, there is the chance they may finish out of 

Any advice is greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!

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