Following options is specified in the AKKA configuration file to eager load 
journals and snapshots for AKKA Cassandra persistence. We have an AKKA and 
persistence actor is started in one of the cluster nodes. but when the node 
dies the persistence actor does not automatically gets recreated on the 
other available nodes in the cluster. Actor gets created only when it is 
invoked the next time not during the node re-balance. Based on the below 
options it seems like eager loading of persistence actor is possible. But 
setting this options does not eagerly load the persistence actor on other 
nodes in the cluster during a node a failure. Can you please point to right 
options in the documentation.

   persistence {
     journal {
       plugin = "cassandra-journal" = [""]
       auto-start-journals = ["cassandra-journal"]
     snapshot-store {
       plugin = "cassandra-snapshot-store" = [""]
       auto-start-snapshot-stores = ["cassandra-snapshot-store"]

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