Hi folks,

I've been wrestling with a bug in IIS (see 
https://groups.google.com/d/msg/akka-user/7iW5-HlshZk/S75Wgxg_AwAJ).  It 
seems that I'm going to have to deal with the problem myself, because 
either IIS can't be fixed or the guys I'm dealing with aren't willing to 
try.  And, at any rate, since I've used Akka HTTP to build a Reverse HTTP 
Proxy, I'm sure I'm going to have to deal with oddities as part of every 
day life so an enhancement as the one I'm proposing is vital to my success.

As such, I've thrown together a simple (and highly inelegant at the moment) 
mechanism for being able to rewrite the Content-Type header after 
rendering, as this is the header that is currently causing me problems.

I'd very much appreciate someone taking a look at it and critique the 
approach.  I tried a number of ways of shoehorning this feature into the 
code, implicits on the render method, a template-method pattern for wiring 
in a user-defined transformer and they were all pretty cumbersome.  This 
was the "simplest" method I could find for the moment.

I don't have any default values for the arguments because I wanted to make 
sure I was able to write it up properly all the way through.

Does anyone think this idea (once cleaned and made "proper") could be 
accepted as a PR?  I'm still working on it a fair bit because I've got to 
get something into production that will allow me to work around the IIS 
problem, but I expect the essence is there.



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