Due to performance reasons I decided to create my new custom Shape with 
several inlets and several outlets (5 in and 3 out in my case). Then I 
decided to create Graph with the new element and realized that it is not 
possible without rewriting Graph object. In order to create my own shape I 
had to create new class which extends Shape one. Then I created custom 
logic by creating new class which extends GraphStage<MyNewShape<...>>. And 
everything was good. 
Then while creating graph I realized that my class contains more than one 
input and one output, so neither UniformFanOutShape nor UniformFanInShape 
can be used in graph. Due to that fact I created my own BiDirFanShape which 
contains more than one inlet and one outlet. It allowed me to add my new 
shape in a graph. But, then I realized that I am not able to connect my 
shape with others because there are no functions "via" or "to" in a Builder 
which take such arguments. So now, I have to rewrite object GraphDSL in 
order to add there such functions. 
It seems a bit painful. Probably I missed something, but I think that in 
case you allow to create custom shapes you should have some generic 
mechanism that allows to work with the newly created elements. I 
cannot even override ForwardOps and ReverseOps classes because it are 
final... Could you please let me know if I missed something and there is a 
better solution?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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