Hello everyone,
Currently, the project I am working on can be divided into a web frontend 
that uses Play! framework and several backend nodes that are developed in 
Akka. The goal was to set them up on different apps/dynos, so I would be 
able to scale the frontend horizontally and vertically, as well as manage 
the backend nodes. These backend nodes have no http interface and merely do 
the jobs that are sent to them by the frontend and return them. I set up an 
akka cluster to communicate between the nodes, and also to set up ssl 
between them. Locally, everything worked perfectly, but when I tried to 
deploy on Clever Cloud, I found out that the only way they can communicate 
is throught HTTP on port 80, and my cluster is communicating through TCP on 
port 2551. I tried setting up port 80 on the remoting configuration to 
listen on it, but it doesn't seem to work as my app appears to be non 
responsive. I started reading up on what could be done, and the only 
solution I found was to use RabbitMQ, and, as I understand it, that would 
mean that I would have to give up on using akka cluster and rewire the 
communications and security protocols, now to be used by this message 
broker. I would like to know if anyone has encountered a similar situation 
and has found a configuration that works so I can keep using akka cluster, 
or if I am missing something.
Thanks in advance.

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