final Source<Integer, NotUsed> source = // ...
    final MutableInt max = new MutableInt(Integer.MIN_VALUE);
    final Procedure<Integer> f = i -> {
      if (i > max.intValue()) {
    final CompletionStage<Integer> result = source
        .runForeach(f, materializer)
        .thenApply(__ -> max.intValue());

Is the above code correct in the sense that it always commutes the maximum
(or MIN_VALUE in case the stream is empty)?

According to Akka Stream documentation
Stream Ordering, there is a Java happens-before relation between
invocations of f. Do I still need to use AtomicInteger so that the effects
are seen by all threads?

You're side-effecting outside the stream, so nothing is guaranteed.

Yes, it would have to be an atomic integer.

Instead consider using a better operator for this kind of thing than
foreach - like fold (runFold) which is enough for such operation you're
doing here.

Happy hakking.

-- konrad

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