and thinking about what we currently do, I've concluded that I'd like to 
serialize my events as json.
The article suggests I should check the list of plugins to see which 
specifically support json. But I can't find clear indications that any of 
them do from the respective github pages (apologies if I've missed 
something). Most seem to want the target database tables to be a BLOB with 
no option of a native json type.

My current database target is Postgres (because we use postgis for mapping 
and because I need a proper sql database for data warehouse). However, for 
the event serialization I could certainly contemplate something else if it 
made the current development path quicker and easier. MongoDB or Cassandra 
are obvious possible targets.

So my question is: is anyone actually using json as a serialization format, 
and if so
a) what database and driver?
b) is the database-native json support being used (if any?)
c) how much effort was it? I can already serialize everthing to json that 
needs to go in the persistence journal or snapshots.

it's got to be something with active support/interest.


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