I had taken code from the Akka Documentation about handling WebSocket 
connections server-side with Akka Streams; 
and was able to take the essentials of that to connect to a simple 
Javascript Client to send data to the Server, augment it on Server, then 
echo it back to the Client.

However, I still had the following specific questions about parts of that 
code (see TODO comments 4, 5, 6); THANKS in advance for any insight!

// TODO 4:  find out how to choose between  bind, bindAndHandleSync, or 
bindAndHandleAsync for most REACTIVE/RESPONSIVE processing
//          i.e. ALL methods wrap internal AKKA support for TCP backpressure;
//               but Async permits concurrent requests on a single connection 
without waiting for a response first
// TODO 5:  what are the most important failure handling scenarios to handle; 
or can this be handled internally with
//          any specific higher-level API that propagates errors through Try 
// - Handling HTTP Server failures in the Low-Level API
// - routing-level exceptions
val bindingFuture =
  Http().bindAndHandleSync(requestHandler, interface = "localhost", port = 8080)

println(s"Server online at http://localhost:8080/\nPress RETURN to stop...")

// TODO 6: Is it good practice to keep WebSocket connection open, monitoring 
for data on either Client or Server side;
//         i.e. is it OK to just wait until Server is shutdown instead of 
explicitly closing Websocket prior to that shutdown?
//         If not, how do you close that WebSocket explicitly, and outside of 
the request handlers?
import system.dispatcher // for the future transformations
  .flatMap(_.unbind()) // trigger unbinding from the port
  .onComplete(_ => system.terminate()) // and shutdown when done

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