Hello all!

I have to create the simple workflow execution engine, that supports 
timeouts in its states. The sample made-up definition and the sequence of 
the states could be as following:

1) Send the confirmation e-mail to the customer *once*
2) Await the confirmation event for 24 hours
3) If there is a timeout error - then send another e-mail to the customer 
with the reminder and wait for 48 hours
4) If there is the confirmation event - then complete the registration and 
send welcome e-mail
5) if there's another timeout from step 3 - then cancel the registration 
process and cleanup the database

I think that I could easily create *10K-100K* of instances of the actors in 
the JVM - actors seems to be cheap, however I'm not sure
- how the timeouts for the states will be processed, could I jam into some 
bottleneck with the scheduled events processing? What is the recommended 
thread pool size for 10K of actors, ballpark value?

- how do I *persist* the states of the workflow actors and *recover* them 
with the correct timeouts, if for some reason actor dies on step 2 after 10 
hours of waiting, and upon the restart I need to adjust the timeout to be 
not 24 hours, but 14 hours. I know that I can start FSM with any state and 
state data, perhaps I could also set the custom step timeout upon init of 
the FSM.

I think that I could create some sort of the database that may keep the 
state and state data of each of workflows actor, but may be I am 
reinventing the wheel and there's already some *akka-scheduler* contrib 
module I overlooked?

Thanks in advance!

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