I am still looking for an opinion on this matter if anyone could help :)

On Saturday, 8 October 2016 15:31:32 UTC+2, Ian Grima wrote:
> Hi, 
>   I was reading up on the API of implementing a custom journal plugin in 
> Java. Could you please tell me if I have understood this section correctly.
> With regards to the following API:
>  Future<Iterable<Optional<Exception>>> doAsyncWriteMessages(Iterable<
> AtomicWrite> messages);
> whose Java docs can be found here:
> http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/snapshot/java/persistence.html#Journal_plugin_API
> <http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/snapshot/java/persistence.html#Journal_plugin_API>
> Specifically this line : "If there are failures when storing any of the 
> messages in the batch the returned `Future` must be completed with 
> failure." 
> and this section: "The journal can also signal that it rejects individual 
> messages(`AtomicWrite`) by the returned 
> `Iterable&lt;Optional&lt;Exception&gt;&gt;`. The returned `Iterable` must
> have as many elements as the input `messages` `Iterable`. Each `Optional` 
> element signals if the corresponding `AtomicWrite` is rejected or not, with 
> an 
> exception describing
> the problem. Rejecting a message means it was not stored, i.e. it must 
> not be included in a later replay. Rejecting a message is typically done 
> before attempting to store it,
> e.g. because of serialization error."
> I had difficulty understanding how it would be possible to reject an 
> individual atomic write when the first line states that the future must be 
> completed with failure if storing a single message fails. Returning the 
> Iterable<Optional<Exception>>> result would imply that the future would 
> have to be completed successfully. If I ended up implementing it in this 
> manner would it be correct? :
> - Iterate over all messages validating and serializing each one, during 
> this process I would be building an Iterable<Optional<Exception>>> with 
> an Optional.empty for each successfully validated
> and serialized message and an Optional containing an exception if one of 
> the messages fails validation and serialization.
> - I would then attempt to persist the successfully serialized batch of 
> messages in a single shot (given it is more optimal to do it in batch for 
> my data store).
> - If the persist succeed i would complete the future successfully by 
> returning the previously constructed Iterable<Optional<Exception>>> 
> containing 
> possible rejections.
> - If the persist fails i would simply fail the future with an exception 
> indicating why the persist for the entire set of AtomicWrites failed. We 
> would be loosing information with regards to if any of the
> AtomicWrites were rejected but I imagine this is somewhat irrelevant since 
> none of them got persisted anyway.
> Thanks,
> Ian Grima

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