Hello all,

In order to test that no unaccounted-for serialization changes have happen 
before we deploy our service, I need some way for us to *attempt* to 
deserialize all currently stored events in our event journal and snapshots.

Currently, we just use the local leveldb plugin with local snapshot 
storage, which has been totally adequate for our purpose.

I'm trying to do this by using a PersistenceQuery, but I'm totally unable 
to get the persistence query to actually... return anything. My code is 
pasted below. The things hidden behind the "PersistentTestKit" object just 
handle some data cleaning before the tests, etc, and when I call 
getNewConfig, that's just modifying the akka config to use the location of 
the stored journal/snapshots we want to test against.

As you can see, I added a simple persistent actor just to test if I could 
get the query to return events from something not even related to the 
existing data, and even it doesn't show up in the query (nothing does). 
This is the output:

Recover persisted a thing!  // As many times as I've already run the test, 
as expected.
Recover RecoveryCompleted
Persisting a thing!
Found persistence IDs:
Found persistence IDs:
Found persistence IDs:

Clearly, I'm missing something, but I'm not sure what. If I inspect the 
config given to the system, everything looks right. The storage locations 
are right, the plugins are right, etc. Can someone point me in the right 

Alternatively, is there a better way to do this? I will happily do 
something else entirely if PersistenceQuery isn't the right fit.

object PersistCompatIT {
  val persistBackupLoc = ".exported_state"
  val dumpFile = new File(PersistentTestKit.findRoot(), 
  val absPathToBackup = dumpFile.toPath.toString
  val systemConfig = PersistentTestKit.getNewConfig(true, (cfg) => {

  val lamePersistActorID = "imastupidpersistactor"
  class LamePersistActor extends PersistentActor {
    override def receiveRecover: Receive = {
      case m: Any => println(s"Recover $m")
    override def receiveCommand: Receive = {
      case 'whoapersist =>
        println("Persisting a thing!")
        persist("persisted a thing!") { _ => () }
      case m: Any => println(s"Command $m")
    override def persistenceId: String = lamePersistActorID

  * Tests backwards compatibility for journaling / snapshots
class PersistCompatIT extends TestKit(ActorSystem("PersistCompatSys",
PersistCompatIT.systemConfig)) with FunSuiteLike {

  test("test journal backwards compatibility", EndToEndTest) {
    val lameActor = system.actorOf(Props(new LamePersistActor))
    lameActor ! 'whoapersist
    val readJournal = 
    implicit val mat = ActorMaterializer()(system)
    for (i <- 1 to 3) {
      val allPersistenceIDs = readJournal.allPersistenceIds()
      val dafuq = 
      println("Found persistence IDs:")
      allPersistenceIDs.map { e =>
      dafuq.map { e =>

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