So, do I understand correctly that the 'Reactive Manifesto' industry 
coalition among leading thought leaders at Netflix, Pivotal, and Lightbend; 
is for all intents and purposes -- still under construction?

Sorry; I'm just seeking straight answers on this to gauge if this is even 
worthwhile for me to pursue.  Since, my prior interest in this area was 
based on the (mis?)understanding that the Reactive Streams API would 
essentially enable seamless interoperability between Actor-controlled 
Services across a distributed cluster.
And, that different platform Vendors had agreed to comply with this API to 
permit that interoperability.

If this is not the case -- then at least for me; I don't have bandwidth or 
depth of knowledge for constructing a bleeding-edge proprietary layer above 
TCP to make this happen.

Any authoritative insight on the current state of this inter op situation 
would be VERY much appreciated!  THANKS in advance!

On Monday, September 26, 2016 at 12:07:55 AM UTC-7, Dagny T wrote:
> Hi there,
> The latest info I have from a prior Akka Team response was that the Akka 
> Actor Publisher/Subscriber APIs are now deprecated; 
> and one should be looking at the Graph DSL instead.
> i.e. Latest Akka Docs state:
> ActorPublisher and ActorSubscriber
>  cannot be used with remote actors, 
> because if signals of the Reactive Streams protocol (e.g. request) are 
> lost the the stream may deadlock.
> So, now I'm not clear on what the replacement APIs we're supposed to be 
> using; as far as connecting State-Holding Akka Actors to Graph DSL 
> Event-Streams.
> Is there an Akka Team Blog with a GitHub link to a small focused example 
> which demonstrates this?
> THANKS in advance for any help with finding the latest APIs to use for 
> this!
> Dagny

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