what is the best practice to do in this hypothetical scenario : 
1) Say you have a time series pipeline that started at 2014 and created 
persistent state on S3 and other DB systems
2) You can introspect these storages and know what partitions already 
exists in all of them
3) The persistent actor's job would be scheduling tasks for newly added 
partitions (next minute/hour/day, etc.)
3) Now at 2016 you deploy a persistent Actor that will hold state about 
completness (existing partitions) of these storages and keep up with their 

The way I see it, when this persistent Actor boots up, it will have 2 
choices :
a) either it starts for the very first time, it will have to replay all 
DomainEvents for all historical partitions from 2014 to itself to 
initialize it's state to the current view of the world in 2016 
b) or it restarts or crashes and its state is replayed from the journal 

Now I cannot find any reference of how this should be done. The only 
solution that comes to mind is to use persistence-query and obtaining 
Journal : 

   And if the result is empty, then it will reconstructs the history.

Is this a way to go?

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