We are running Akka with Docker image and want to pass all the running 
Akka Docker's IP/Port info in case of addition on new Docker image.

our application.conf file is defined as per below 



    provider = "akka.cluster.ClusterActorRefProvider"
 debug {
              receive = on
              autoreceive = on
              lifecycle = on
              fsm = on
              event-stream = on
              unhandled = on
              router-misconfiguration = on
    log-remote-lifecycle-events = off
    netty.tcp {
      hostname = ""
      port = 2551

We have defined our Java code where we are loading config file using  

ActorSystem system = ActorSystem.create("ClusterSystem", config); 


As per current configuration, we are listening to TCP Port. please help to 
figure out how to pass new docker image IP/Port information to all the 
current running docker images.  


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