We have an Akka Cluster system with 4 nodes (with 2 different roles: 3 
frontend nodes and 1 backend node).

We are confused by a continuous stream of dead letters that we have been 
observing, in the backend node. They occur at a rate of about 20 to 30 per 
minute, per frontend. The sender of all of those letters is like 
the receiver is always exactly 
Actor[akka://ChatActorSystem/system/distributedPubSubMediator] (no host or 
port info the actor path), and the message is always Status(Map(),false).

Some details of our system:
- We are not explicitely using the DistributedPubSub extension anywhere.
- We are using ConstructR Machine instead of seed nodes to bootstrap the 
- We have observed this behavior both in Akka 2.4.11 and in Akka 2.4.17.

Thanks in advance for any clue as what might be happening.


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