My understanding is that turning off auto-downing means that there are only 
2 ways to mark a node as down:

   1. The node leaving the cluster "gracefully"
   2. Manually downing the node via API

So in your use-case, the cluster should recover after the network heals.

(Take this with a grain of salt, though... It's not an "official" answer)


On Monday, July 17, 2017 at 10:29:36 AM UTC+3, Muthukumaran Kothandaraman 
> Hi, 
> I searched around the mailing list and forums for my specific 
> clarifications. I got partial answers via below discussion 
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/akka-user/network$20partition$20auto$20down|sort:relevance/akka-user/9SR1vyVqChM/619tpI2XAAAJ
> But, in my case, its a full partition and healing (think of it more like 
> the switch connecting nodes of cluster is deliberately rebooted and 
> communication blackout among akka nodes can last in order of minutes - 
> minimum 5 minutes). In that context, I have following 
> *Context : *
> Akka version - 2.4.7
> Usage        - Basic clustering - no sharding / singleton usage
> Cluster size - 3 nodes (separate VMs)
> Scenario     - communications between all nodes to be broken and restored 
> after 4 minutes by a deliberate network partition
> No JVM restarts involved
> Not using special features like SBR
> *Clarifications :*
> a) When communications is broken all nodes will obviously go into 
> suspicion about their peers and report UNREACHABILITY - this is 
> understandable. But, will eventually nodes start marking each other as DOWN 
> locally even if auto-downing is off for above scenario because of very long 
> duration of network blackout in my case ? 
> b) if above is not true is then I assume cluster will start functionaing 
> normally after 4 minutes when the communications are restored without any 
> nodes being quarantined / downed- is this correct ?
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Muthu

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