I'm investigating the Akka Clustering to scale my project.
Now, I have Chat room application based on web-sockets and Akka framework. 
Each user has own stateful Actor which handle and process messages from 
friends in chat room.
Actor stores the following data:

   - loggedUser - current user
   - Map<Integer, Friend> - map of friends
   - Set<Integer> - map of requested friends

During the investigation I found the topic in the documentation - Cluster 

Cluster sharding is typically used when you have many stateful actors that 
> together consume more resources (e.g. memory) than fit on one machine.

As I understand this approach will help me to restore user Actor on 
neighbor node after node downing.
The persistenceId value - loggedUser.memberId
However I'm not fully understand how to recover the list of friends and 
requested friends.
Could you help me to figure out how to store and recover user data? Should 
I use the Distributed Data?


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