I've always known that the Akka community is very welcoming to the
contributors. And Enno proved that to me again.

I just made a small contribution towards the self-contained example (789
<https://github.com/akka/alpakka/pull/789>) in Alpakka and I am looking for
ideas where I could learn and contribute more. TBH, I am just familiar with
plain old Actors and everything else is a learning opportunity.

Here's the list that I have in mind.  Appreciate if you could let me know
if these are not suitable for Alpakka contributions.  If you have any other
ideas else that involves reading and contributing to the Akka code base,
please help.

*Needs some homework but I can take a stab *
Doobie connector (I believe it must be similar to Slick)
HDFS connector (Already taken - Connector for HDFS #557)

*Self-contained examples (Definitely possible)*
Consume from RDBMS and route it to Solr (just like ES)
Consume from Kafka and route it to RDBMS - Slick sink
Consume from Kafka and push it to HBase
Consume from Kafka and push it to Cassandra

Thanks a ton, all.

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