studying the newly Flow constructor Flow.lazyInit


def lazyInit[I, O, M](flowFactory: I ⇒ Future[Flow[I, O, M]], fallback: () ⇒ M): Flow[I, O, M]


(cf. https://doc.akka.io/api/akka/2.5.11/akka/stream/scaladsl/Flow$.html) I wondered how (citation from ScalaDoc)


The materialized value of the `Flow` will be the materialized
value of the created internal flow.


could be? Materialization happens before the flow is run. Therefore the materialized value cannot depend on whether their will be some input or not.

To fix the issue, the materialzed value of Flow.lazyInit should be a Future[M] or even better a Future[Option[M]]. In case that no internal flow is materialized it would be a Future[None].


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