Hi All,

We are trying to test *Spawned* *Effect* in a Akka Typed actor using 

Consider a Behavior representing a child actor as below

object ChildBehaviorFactory {
  def make[T](someFactory: SomeFactory): Behavior[ChildMessage] =
    Behaviors.mutable[ChildMessage](ctx ⇒ new ChildBehavior(ctx, someFactory

Consider a Parent Actor which spawns the above actor as below

class ParentBehavior extends Behaviors.MutableBehavior[MyParent] {
  ctx.spawn(ChildBehaviorFactory.make(someFactory), "ChildActor")

If we try to assert on the Spawned effect obtained for Parent behavior 

Spawned(ChildBehaviorFactory.make(someFactory), "ChildActor")

The test fails because the behavior created in the test is different than 
the one created inside the parent. 

Notably, this is different than the Spawned effect present in the earlier 
Akka version where it only expected the name of actor spawned which worked 

We looked at the tests present in the Akka code base as well where the 
behaviors were created as a *val  *and was accessible in the test as well 
as the behavior under test. But this looks very restrictive.

Is there any way to work around this?

Thanks and Regards,

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