Hi all,

I was running a cluster of four nodes, one client node and three worker 
nodes in my testing.  

1) After which, a cluster.down(..) was issued to the client node.
2) The client node listens on
      leaves cluster
      Does coordinated shutdown
The actorSytem is reset to null.
3) After which, the client node, upon receiving new requests, tries to 
reinitialize the actorSystem with the same port.

That's when I see one time I was testing that this message was shown and 
kept showing indefinitely.
New incarnation of existing member [Member(address = 
akka.tcp://abc@machineName:4504, status = Down)] is trying to join. 
Existing will be removed from the cluster and then new member will be 
allowed to join.

But there are also times in my testing that the client is able to connect 
back to the worker nodes and jobs get processed.

When I see this message, does it mean the leader node is not doing its job?

I see that there is a similar jira filed here:

We are using Akka 2.5.9.  

Could you advise if this is a known issue and if there is any workaround?


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