I have a Akka Actor application which works on localhost - mainly to run an 
asynchronous batch job. Tests on localhost work as expected. However, when 
deployed to AWS EC2, the actors don't start. I don't know what could be 

Below is the application main class and after it is the Actor class to star

object ApplicationMain {

    def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {

        val system = ActorSystem("MyPIIScannerActorSystem")

        val systemSupervisor = system.actorOf(Props[AppSupervisor], 

        val s3BucketName = System.getenv("MY_S3_BUCKET")
        val s3Prefix = System.getenv("MY_S3_PREFIX")

        require(!s3BucketName.isEmpty, "ENV Variable: MY_S3_BUCKET must be 

        systemSupervisor ! Props(new ScanRequestActor(bucketName=s3BucketName, 
s3Prefix = Some(s3Prefix)))

        val objectScanRequestActor = system.actorOf(
            Props(new ScanRequestActor(bucketName=s3BucketName, s3Prefix = 
        // initialize scan request on bucket
        objectScanRequestActor !  ScanRequestActor.Initialize
        System.setProperty("log4j2.debug", "")

Akka Actor class to start

class ScanRequestActor(val bucketName: String = null, val s3Prefix: 
Option[String] = None)
  extends Actor with ActorLogging  {

  import ScanRequestActor._

  if (bucketName == null) {
    throw new NullPointerException(s"Constructor AWS S3 BucketName cannot be 
null or empty")

  val scanResultsActor = context.actorOf(ScanResultsActor.props, 

  def receive = {
    case Initialize =>
      log.info(s"Initialied S3 Scan Request on " +
        s"Bucket: ${bucketName} and Prefix: ${s3Prefix.orNull} ")
      // do bucket scanning here and send message to ScanResultsActor
      val scanRequestMessage = BaseClassifier.setS3ScanInputPath(bucketName, 
      scanResultsActor ! ScanRequestMessage(scanRequestMessage)
    case ScanResultsActor.ScanResultsMessage(text) =>
      log.info("In ScanResultsActor - received message: {}", text)

object ScanRequestActor {
  val props: Props = Props[ScanRequestActor]
  case object Initialize
  case class ScanRequestMessage(fullScanStats: FullScanStats)

Enter code here...

Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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