We deploy akka remote actor component in AWS on K8s docker  recently system 
is down due to quarantined status.

[akka.remote.Remoting] Association tohaving UID [534769576] is 
irrecoverably failed. UID is now quarantined and all messages to this UID 
will be delivered to dead letters. Remote actorsystem must be restarted to 
recover from this situation.
[WARN] [05/28/2018 00:34:38.939] [New I/O boss #3] 
[NettyTransport(akka://tqs-scheduler-sys)] Remote connection to [null] 
failed with org.jboss.netty.channel.ConnectTimeoutException: connection 
timed out: 

a. how can I monitor this situation happen and automatically recover to 
normal status ?

b. Is there any remote configuration parameters to reduce the frequency of 
quarantined status?


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