Dear all

I'm trying to use a custom dispatcher.

In `application.conf` I have defined the following: {

    # httpTriplestoreRouter

    /storeManager/triplestoreManager/httpTriplestoreRouter {
        dispatcher = my-httpTriplestoreConnector-dispatcher
        router = round-robin-pool
        nr-of-instances = 10


my-httpTriplestoreConnector-dispatcher {
    type = "Dispatcher"

    executor = "fork-join-executor"

    fork-join-executor {
        parallelism-min = 8
        parallelism-factor = 2.0
        parallelism-max = 64

In the code I have the following:

 makeActor(FromConfig.props(Props[HttpTriplestoreConnectorInstrumented]), name 

This does not work. The dispatcher is not used.

For the dispatcher to be used, I need to specify it in code:


The documentation I'm following is: configuration.html 

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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