Hi all,

2.5.10 akka release notes state "However, since it’s a new implementation 
the TCP/TLS transport is not ready for usage in production yet, but please 
test it and report any issues."  and we have the same warning on remoting 
docs page. What's the actual status on this? Anyone using it for extended 
period of time? We've tried switching from netty to artery tcp  (akka 
2.5.13) and testing seemed to be ok, on production we are seeing some odd 
- steady increase of memory consumption (have to dig deeper to take some 
dumps, but memory graphs indicate this across all cluster nodes), it also 
seems that memory usage increases in other nodes if one node gets 
terminated unexpectedly (e.g. killed by kubernetes because of OOM)
- nodes randomly failing to join cluster after restart (we use autodown)

>From the logs when joining fails there are a lot of messages with 
"akka.stream.Materializer - [outbound connection to 
[akka://live@], message stream] Upstream failed, cause: 

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