We have two requirement:

   1. Send *User based notification* to UI for some 
   Processing/operation(performed by User). Notifications for Operation will 
   be like(Started, In Progress,Completed) 
   2. Read messages/*User based notification* from RabbitMQ .Save these 
   messages in DB and then send *User based notification to UI*

*Technology *: *Server sent events was chosen* over short,long Polling and 
We are using *Akka Streaming along with Play framework *to implement 
with Play framework(2.6.x). Library: *akka.stream.scaladsl.Source*)

We have written below code to add notifications in Queue. Now we want to 
push these notifications on UI

   object NotficationUtil {

      var userNotificationMap = Map[Integer, Queue[String]]()

      def addUserNotification(userId: Integer, message: String) = {
        var queue = userNotificationMap.getOrElse(userId, Queue[String]())
        queue += message
        userNotificationMap.put(userId, queue)


*Issue: Not sure which type of source should be created . Because as soon 
as all elements in source has been pushed to UI,  event streams got 
closed. *
*And in our use case , Queue or any collection will be empty if there are 
no messages to be pushed from Rabbit MQ or user has not performed some X 

Question 1: Is *SSE valid USE CASE for our scenario*?
Question 2: If SSE is valid for our scenario*,how can we create **stream 
that will be infinite( and connection will remain open) and will be closed 
only my session is logged off or we can explicitly close it*.
Question 3: If we cannot *create infinite stream when s**erver does not 
have anything *for hours then if *browser trying to reestablish connection 
second will it be an overkill or Is this an acceptable solution in 

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