I have a small akka-http app that under some circumstances works as a proxy 
and just passes data from another (non-akka) HTTP server to the client.
It basically does something like this:

final Flow<HttpRequest, HttpResponse, CompletionStage<OutgoingConnection>> 
flow =
  Http.get(system).outgoingConnection(ConnectHttp.toHost("localhost", 8042

final HttpRequest request = ctx.getRequest()

final CompletionStage<HttpResponse> csr = 
    .runWith(Sink.<HttpResponse>head(), materializer);

return completeWithFuture(csr);

While this in general works, akka-http seems to have issues with the 
Content-Type header that is sent by the other HTTP server. 
As a result the client sees a "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" 
which akka probably generates by default due to the parsing error.

WARN  akka.actor.ActorSystemImpl - Illegal header: Illegal 'content-type' 
header: Invalid input '/', expected tchar, OWS, ws or 'EOI' (line 1, column 
36): multipart/related; type=application/dicom; 
WARN  akka.actor.ActorSystemImpl - Explicitly set HTTP header 
'content-type: multipart/related; type=application/dicom; 
boundary=56502BE3-C49F-4FDF-94B1-C0D1AFD87DEF' is ignored, illegal RawHeader

How can I tell akka-http to just pass the headers untouched to the client?

Thanks, Felix

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