I am using latest akka-http and have routing like this:

val httpRoute =
  logRequestResult(showRequestResponse _) {
    pathPrefix("rpc") {

      session() { session =>


    } ~

def showRequestResponse(request: HttpRequest) = {
    val startTime = DateUtils.now()
    val requestId = StringUtils.uniqueRandomKey(16, true)

    logger.debug(s"Request($requestId) is: " + request)

    (response: Any) => {
      val handlingTime = (DateUtils.now() - startTime).toInt
      logger.debug(s"Response($requestId)($handlingTime ms) is: " + response)

"session" is a hand-made directive which creates some kind of Session object 
from cookies.

The problem is that the response is not logged if I throw an Exception (which 
is correctly mapped to a response with status 401). What is wrong here?

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