I am having problems getting Source.conflateWithSeed to work with 
ActorSink.actorRefWithAck in akka-typed

val conflateBufferSize = 100

val conflateFlow = 

  .buffer(100, OverflowStrategy.backpressure)
  .conflateWithSeed(seed = msg => Seq(msg))(aggregate = (accum, msg) => {
    val a = accum :+ msg
    println("Agg size= "+a.size)
  .log("Conflated", _.size + " messages, buffer size="+conflateBufferSize)

case class StreamMsg(sender: ActorRef[Protocol], msg: Seq[Message]) extends 

val replyTo:ActorRef[Protocol] = ...

val actorSink = ActorSink.actorRefWithAck(
  ref = replyTo,
  onInitMessage = StreamInit,
  messageAdapter = StreamMsg,
  ackMessage = Ack,
  onCompleteMessage = StreamComplete,
  onFailureMessage = StreamFail

Then i pipe conflated source messages to the actor


No matter how much I slow down my actor sink ref object, 

I keep getting only a single message in StreamMsg(_, msg = Seq(Message(_)) and 
never the accumulated sequence in conflate

I can't get it to pass conflated buffer to the actor sink in the StreamMsg

Am I wiring component incorrectly? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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