#1707: Do not use lfs.org as a domain name
 Reporter:  pierre  |       Owner:  pierre
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  high    |   Milestone:  2.4.1
Component:  jhalfs  |     Version:  2.4
 Severity:  normal  |  Resolution:
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Comment (by pierre):

 It's used in both. My concern is that the users may not be aware they
 would have to set that name, because it is hidden in a submenu. It is not
 fair to check and come back with a message "you forgot to set the domain
 name" or so, if the user has not even seen that the domain name needed to
 be edited. And silently ignoring the name if not set is maybe worse.

 I plan to add help about that (and the hostname), with references to the
 RFC's. But for me "local" seems to be a sane default. It may be a problem
 when the network uses active directory, but in this case, the user is in a
 corporation or institution, and should have received instructions about
 host- and domain- names. I'll make clear in the help that the names used
 should be as given by the person in charge of the network (note that if
 the user ''is'' the person in charge of the network, they should know what
 they are doing).

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