#1713: Use sect1info tags to get tarball names and versions in LFS
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Component:  jhalfs       |     Version:  SVN
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Comment (by pierre):

 It is slightly more complicated... The url and package names are taken
 from the adequate pages (chapter 3 for LFS, chapter 4 for HLFS, chapter
 materials/${ARCH}-chapter for CLFS), and put in respective files urls.lst
 and pkg_tarball_list.

 On the other hand, scripts are generated with names taken from the
 <?dbhtml filename=""?> processing instructions. Then, when creating the
 Makefile, the name of the tarball has to be guessed from the script name.
 This is because unpacking and changing to the build directory is done in
 the Makefile. Things could be much simpler if unpacking and changing to
 the build directory were done in the scriptlet itself. Then the sect1info
 tags could be used when generating the scriptlet, and no guess would be

 But this entails some drastic change in Makefile generation. Note that
 those changes have to be done only in master.sh and lfs.xsl, since CLFS is
 not supposed to be touched by those changes, at least ATM.

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