#1720: unset MAKELEVEL in scriptlets
 Reporter:  pierre  |      Owner:  alfs-log@…
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal  |  Milestone:  3.0
Component:  jhalfs  |    Version:  SVN
 Severity:  normal  |   Keywords:
 jhalfs (and blfs extension) run scriptlets from a Makefile, so that
 MAKELEVEL=1 when starting "make" in a build directory. This can lead to
 weird errors, as explained in postgresql INSTALL file:
 If you want to invoke the build from another makefile rather than
        manually, you must unset MAKELEVEL or set it to zero, for instance
        like this:
         $(MAKE) -C postgresql MAKELEVEL=0 all

        Failure to do that can lead to strange error messages, typically
        about missing header files.

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