#1721: Some installation instructions are not generated correctly when using 
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 Generating installation instructions for BLFS, taking into account whether
 running as user or root, whether using porg, destdir package management or
 nothing is a complicated task because markup in the book is not very
 - The only indication telling a <screen><userinput> tag is an installation
 instructions is that <screen> has a role="root" attribute, and that the
 tag occurs in a sect2 with role="installation" attribute. But some of
 those tags are not installation instructions: for example, they can be
 user or group adding, or some database updating (mime, desktop, icons,
 - There may be several <screen><userinput> tags, which should be grouped
 in order to generate the porg logging correctly. But if they are
 interspersed with config instructions, this is hard...

 This may lead to buggy instructions, for example beginning with porg
 opening stanzas and finishing without closing stanzas, or converse...
 Also, some single quotes may be escaped (as `'\''`), when not needed,
 leading to errors when running the script...

 This can be improved in two directions:
 - improve the stylesheet generating those instructions.
 - improve the book itself so that different types of instructions are more
 clearly identified (and of course adapt the stylesheet to use that).

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