#1719: Some files may be not logged when using cmake+porg
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Component:  jhalfs  |     Version:  SVN
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Comment (by pierre):

 There are two possibilities for avoiding that (maybe others, of course):
 - One brutal way is to remove files when they are there (use '''porg -rb
 $JH_PKG_DIR''' before install, or even before cmake).
 - Another possibility is to use a DESTDIR install (hopefully, the DESTDIR
 is empty).

 There are several drawbacks with the first approach: some packages are
 needed for compiling/installing, so cannot be removed from the system,
 even just before installation (occurs only in LFS, I think. One such
 package is coreutils. Of course, also glibc, and a couple of others).
 Also, some packages change library versions at each update, so that
 removing the old library breaks all packages compiled against that library
 (example poppler).

 I'm sure the issue does not exist with autotools: existing files are
 overwritten. I do not know for meson.

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