I saw this on a techy group to which I subscribe, I plan to give it a go and
am passing it on.

The text from the sender is below.

Hi All.

Some of you may know,  I'm a developer. In my spare time I also do the
odd small project, mostly audio games so far.

However a friend of mine asked me to write a talking timer program for him
and as I was quite surprised one didn't already exist I've put it up on
my website as a free download.

It's for windows and is simple to use, select count up or count down, set
how long you want it to run and hit start.

You can choose to have automatic speech as the timer runs, can choose an
initial amount of time before the timer starts, weather the voice used is
recorded or TTs and so on.

The program is freely available from


Just click on the talking timer link.

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