Hi everyone.


I've used VLC for a long time to play videos. It's not my go-to audio
player, but for video files, DVDs and the like, it's basically a godsend. It
plays every format out of the box without fuss, and I love that.


Now I'm getting to the point where I would like to do more tweaking and
advanced usage of the programme. I have the latest stable build, running
Windows 10, and JAWS 18 and NVDA 2017.4 screen-readers. I find the interface
a little tricky, especially the preferences. This is not a particularly
user-friendly programme when it comes, to for example, setting your own
equalizer settings and saving them. I know there are presets, and I guess
they're ok, but they're all designed for music. Mostly I play videos with
this programme, and often rather old, underground ones, where there are
hisses and pops on the soundtrack and where dialogue is often a bit muffled.
I therefore want equalizer settings that emphasise the mid-range and bring
out sharpness and clarity in the human voice.


I have figured out a way to save a group of equalizer settings. I do this by
expanding the "filters" under audio and manually inputting the DB values of
the different equalizer bands. But my screen-readers do not like this dialog
box and often will not read much. I have had to get some sighted help to
assist me setting this up the way I want. I wonder if, given that you can
change the VLC interface, anybody has any ideas on a more accessible
interface, or what I can do? 


Other things I would like to do include synchronisation of video files with
different audio tracks (again, I was able to do this with some sighted
help), and maybe apply some more audio effects, to see just what this
programme can really do.


Are there any advanced VLC users on the list?



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