Hmmmmmmmmmmm I'd have to hear it for my self. But the hiss most likely is just floor from the victor's pre amps. Also don't know your mike so don't wana judge too harshly but some Audio-Technica mikes do have a bit of self noise as it's called. My AT-8022 has some. But much much less then the AT-822 that Neal has and Michael Lang had. Ah Michael Lang. He was an epic reviewer. What a great lause.

On 5/17/2018 6:39 PM, Anders Holmberg wrote:
Just for Giggles i sat down right now and tried a mic i got from a friend.
Its a quite good audio technica mic.
I plugged it into the vr stream and did a test recording with it.
It worked just fine exept that there were some hissing but only when i was 
THen i recorded with the built-in  mic and was noticing a kind of hissing / 
beep sound while recording.
Its hard to hear that when you use the speaker of the stream but if you use for 
example a pair of B&W p7 youu deffinetly hear it.
There is no problem with the recording and hearing of my voice.
Its not distorted nor to low.
Just that odd sound in the background and to be honest i don’t get  the idea on 
having a built-in mic which prduces so much background sound.
But it may also be other components of the stream that causes this.
Note that this is beeing noticed on two stream second generation i have.
SO i don’t think its an error.
I have done a lot of recordings with my streams but only when its silent in a 
room this sound is heard so its probably not a big deal for most people.
But for me its quite disturbing.

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