I don’t mind telling you all that the Shure NV88 microphone I bought recently 
has impressed me very much, so much that I’ve been looking around for something 
from Shure that is compatible with Android devices.
Whilst I haven’t found an exact match I have found something a little bigger 
which will fill another role in my recording needs.
The NV51 as you’ll see from the review linked to here is a small portable 
desktop microphone compatible with multiple platforms including IOS, Android, 
Windows and Mac.
Concerns were voiced here regarding monitoring headphone output on an iPhone 
without a headphone socket, this problem has been addressed as the NV51 has a 
built-in headphones output.
The only thing that could be a problem is the touch panel the NV51 has so I’m 
wondering if the Shure Mative App for IOS and Android can bypass these? IFF not 
then perhaps I can label the panel with tiny dots and learn what the buttons do.
As far as I can gather they allow for selecting presets - music, flat, speech 
and so on -.
Anyway enjoy the review which has plenty of samples and comments.


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