Wow sounds epic! I wish I had the dough for 1.

On 12/23/2018 6:58 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:

I am very pleased to say that everything seems to be going according to
planned and I wil have my Zoom F8N in early January so I have been doing my
homework and reading the manual which is an absolute monster of a document.

Whilst many functions of the recorder will take me some time to master I
believe many of the more important functions I will be able to learn quite

For example there are track selector keys on the unit. Selecting individual
tracks is a bit of an unknown at this time but I do know that selecting the
l-r stereo tracks is as simple as holding down the keys together.

I was under the impression that the Zoom F8N only recorded 8 tracks, it can
actually record 10 - 8 separate tracks along with a stereo microphone track
or extension XLR/TRS capsule if you would rather -.

The machine will record all the way up to 192KHZ at 24-bit so plenty of

Here's what possibly may be the most important discovery I have made.

The Zoom F8N can be controlled by a USB keyboard.

As to what extent this feature has been implemented I don't know but I do
know that keyboard shortcuts are available and can be defined.

The most obvious function of the keyboard control is the ability to enter
track and project names.

That's about it for now and obviously January 2019 can't come quickly

In the meatime I trust all of you will have a Very Merry Christmas and see
you all back here Safe and Sound in the New year.

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