I'm subscribed to Curtis. I've listened to his F recorder podcasts. Dude though it would have been so super duper epic if Neal had gotten an F4 at least. I'd love to hear a Rode NT1-A into 1 of these. The F recorders sound almost Sound Devices pro to me. I would totally get 8 condencers and capture in 7.1 surround if I had an F8N. Heck I'd use the XLR snapp off and get 9.1 surround and use the H6 for hight channals. Bam 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos. How ya like that? Like I said to dain that's why I got the H6. Because 5.1 is at the verry least what I'd like to do. The H5 is the most popular thing to grab along with the AT-8022 stereo condencer I have at Sweet Water Sound. The mic the H6 is popular wihth is the AT-4022. The AT-4022 is the omni version of the AT-4021 which we all heard on Neal's H6 podcast. I wish he'd done more with the 4021. Because it is the parent of my AT-8022. The 8022 is just 2 modded and limited to 15 KHZ 4021 capsels inside 1 mic.

On 12/24/2018 5:38 PM, Andy via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Dane and all.

I'm so pleased that someone else is about to buy the Zoom F8N.

I've had my Zoom F8N for about 2 months now and apart from taking it out of it's box, to feel and check it out,  I've been able to do nothing with it yet.

I am sure things would be very different if Neil Ewars had managed to get hold of one for a trial period, for if it wasn't for his guidance and instruction, I would not have come to terms with my Zoom H6.

I'm sure however, that once I get someone to go through the menues and Register the device, format my 228 gb CD card and set things like recording formats, bit rate and phantom or other power options, it will, hopefully, be very much like the Zoom H6 in terms of simplicity.

I've used my Zoom H6 extensively, using only the X Y and Right Angle clip-on microphone capsules and the results have always been fantastic.

In terms of research, I've only used Youtube and searched for "Curtis Judd". and recorded all of his podcasts on both the Zoom F8 and Zoom F8n.  There are loads of them, including setting up the menues.  Curtis is a sighted Neil Ewars type of guyand on Youtube there is an option to subscribe to his Youtube page in which I could eventually ask him questions.  I'd very much recommend Dane and others to check him out, perhaps using "Accessible Youtube", which cuts out all the advertisements.

My first question for him would be:

Hi Curtis.

I have used a set of BSM 9 Binaural microphones for very high quality out-of-door podcasts and I'd like to buy a new set of these remarcable microphones and plug them into my new Zoom F8N.

I understand that there is a 9volt power suply that can also be purchased and I'd like to know how to set up my F8N and adapt one of the XLR's to take the quarter inch plug?

I've no intention of plugging 4 or 8 XLR microphones or Lin in cables as I simply could not bear the cost of 4 Sure 57 microphones with stands.

There you go guys, there is a couple of things to ponder over Christmass. Remember, almost anything, it seems, is possible with the Zoom F8N.  I wish we all had one.

Very best wishes from Scotland, wishing you all a very peacefull holiday period.

Very best wishes.

Andy Logue.

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Why yes sir it sure will. I just need more mics and that other XLR peace. To be able to capture in full 5.1 with it. That my homy is why I went with the H6 over the H5. Which the H5 is what people grab most along with my AT-8022 mic. But I wana record in 5.1 at least so got the h6. Now just got to lurn an actual DAW which will exept the 6 files on their own and allow you to pan them to 5.1 surround.

On 12/23/2018 11:44 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
The H6 is a wonderful machine and will do you well in the meantime.

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Wow sounds epic! I wish I had the dough for 1.

On 12/23/2018 6:58 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:

I am very pleased to say that everything seems to be going according
to planned and I wil have my Zoom F8N in early January so I have been
doing my homework and reading the manual which is an absolute monster of a document.

Whilst many functions of the recorder will take me some time to master
I believe many of the more important functions I will be able to learn
quite quickly.

For example there are track selector keys on the unit. Selecting
individual tracks is a bit of an unknown at this time but I do know
that selecting the l-r stereo tracks is as simple as holding down the keys together.

I was under the impression that the Zoom F8N only recorded 8 tracks,
it can actually record 10 - 8 separate tracks along with a stereo
microphone track or extension XLR/TRS capsule if you would rather -.

The machine will record all the way up to 192KHZ at 24-bit so plenty
of scope.

Here's what possibly may be the most important discovery I have made.

The Zoom F8N can be controlled by a USB keyboard.

As to what extent this feature has been implemented I don't know but I
do know that keyboard shortcuts are available and can be defined.

The most obvious function of the keyboard control is the ability to
enter track and project names.

That's about it for now and obviously January 2019 can't come quickly

In the meatime I trust all of you will have a Very Merry Christmas and
see you all back here Safe and Sound in the New year.

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