You certainly can buy them on their own and there are quite a few different 
designs around apart from what comes with the Zoom H6.
You can of course buy some extra XLR/TRS sockets if you would prefer to use 
your own microphones in the place of the capsule.
You can also buy a Shotgun microphone capsule .

> On 25 Dec 2018, at 10:17 am, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
> Infact, I called Zoom and asked them. Because I saw the H5 XY snap on mic 
> being recomended as an accessory for the H6. So that's when they told me. 
> Even the Sweet Water guy I talked with when buying the H6 found it on that 
> Neal couldn't fit the mic on. Because again according to Zoom you can. Oh and 
> yes for those of you that may not know, you can buy these snap on mic fronts 
> on their own. Just saying because Neal said something about if you had boath 
> the 5 and 6 you can have your cake and eat it too in refrence to how he likes 
> the H5 machine but with the H6's microphones. But no, you don't need to have 
> boath. Here's another oddity, Apparently the H6 mics can handle 140 DB also. 
> So, if that be true then the 140 DB thing wasn't this big new thing for the 
> H5 mics like Zoom clamed. Ah well who really cares. These machines are epic 
> anyways at the end of the day. Just pointing out some oddities of what 
> supposedly can and cant do with them.

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