Very much so and I now have something which is incredibly powerful and can be 
accessed not only through my local network but remotely.

> On 27 Dec 2018, at 1:36 am, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
> Wel cool my friend. Sounds like with this tuner and Plex you've kinda solved 
> the problem of Windows Media Center being gone.
> On 12/26/2018 12:43 AM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> As other list members may remember I bought a Silicondust TV Tuner a little 
>> while ago but have only now found the time to get the unit up and running.
>> Silicondust specialise in TV tuners and several models are mode.
>> Mine is the 4 tuner version so 4 FTA TV programmes can be viewed at once, 3 
>> recorded at once whilst another is viewed and so on.
>> The tuner is straight forward enough, just a small 4 inch square box with 3 
>> connectors.
>> One connector for your TV aerial, another for the DC power supply and the 
>> remainder is a LAN connector so the Tuner can connect to your Home network.
>> Connection to the Home Network is the key here as the tuner is designed to 
>> stream around the house via the network.
>> That means you can use Apps on your devices to call up a programme to watch 
>> at any time.
>> For example I use VLC on my Android and IOS devices to select a channel to 
>> view.
>> So that’s the very basics but what if you want to go further and actually 
>> view a programme guide and schedule recordings from there/ That can be done 
>> though it took me a little while to find an accessible way of doing this but 
>> I persisted and with the help of Google I’ve found a useable and accessible 
>> solution.
>> Unfortunately the software that Silicondust bundles with their TV tuners is 
>> extremely grotty and even reviewers suggest a third party alternative.
>> One of these alternatives just happens to be the Plex Media Server with a 
>> Plex Pass which I already have.
>> Setting up Plex to recognise the Silicondust TV Tuner was easier than I 
>> expected.
>> All I had to do was select PVR from the settings menu and I was guided 
>> through the setup thanks to a wizard in the HTML interface.
>> The wizard detected the connected tuner and even did the channel scanning 
>> after I had specified my location and world region.
>> Plex then gave me a choice of local tV Programe guides for my region and 
>> then commenced the download of the guide which took a little time.
>> The guide is presented in the HTML interface though manipulating the guide 
>> may take some getting used to depending on how the guide is actually 
>> presented on screen.
>> Recording is a snap, just press the Record button next to the programme you 
>> wish to schedule.
>> A dialogue box then pops up so you may choose to record a series or just 
>> that one particular episode etc.
>> You can choose where the recordings are stored and they can go anywhere 
>> including NAS storage drives if you would prefer.
>> So that’s as far as I’ve gone with the Silicondust tuner and I’ll write more 
>> as I discover.
>> Apple TV users may also be in luck as there is an App/Subscription TV guide 
>> service called Channels which uses an Apple TV App.
>> I don’t as yet have an Apple TV so I have no idea just how useable this App 
>> would be.
>> Now that I know the Channels App is available I’m more tempted than ever to 
>> shell out on an Apple TV and and see what results I can get with the 
>> Channels and other Apps.

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