Thou Shalt Not Kill.. is not asterisked with exceptions for nonhumans
Whether you are Christian or another faith, please pass this
along to Christians.

What about vegetarianism re Christianity?


What you have done to these the least of My brethren you have done
unto Me.


St Francis of Assisi, St Clare, stigmatist St Therese Neumann, St.
Martin de Porres, St John Chrysostom, St Anthony of Padua who preached
to fishes when humans would not listen.. St Nicholas of Tolentino*
believed they were following the example of Jesus in not eating His
animals. Trappists, Cistercians, Benedictines, Franciscans all have
had a tradition of vegetarian diet, to which many still adhere. The
pretzel was says George Cornell former AP religion writer a Lenten
bread, symbolizing arms folded in prayer.. Lentils were named as such
because they were a Lenten vegetarian alternative to animal flesh.
Meatless Fridays were the last vestige of early Christian abstinence
from meat in following
Christ's example. A papal bull once excommunicated anyone who attended
a bullfight because the barbaric cruelty in them. This was later
amended to excommunicate only priests who blessed bullfighting.
Genesis 1: 29, Isaiah 65, Daniel 1 Exodus 26: 34 are some of the
thousands of quotes in the Bible on vegetarian diet. The command to
feed the hungry, given by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount, implies
vegetarianism since the flesh of animals yields 100 to 1000 lbs an
acre, dairy products around 10,000 lbs. an acre, some vegetables,
81,000 lbs. an acre, and fruits from centenarian fruit trees 450,000
or more lbs. an acre. Therefore Genesis fruit trees yield 450 times
what slaughterhouses yield. Daniel O'Steen, of National Right To Life,
felt he must be consistent in his prolife stance and so many years ago
became a vegetarian. Paul Obis, founder of Vegetarian Times, is a
Chicago Catholic who cares deeply about not hurting others' feelings
in regards to diet. His wife Clare, mother of 6 boys, created a
successful media campaign when Mike Royko refused to allow her
vegetarian gluten ribs in his cooking contest. Fr. Ron Lengwin of KDKA
Radio in Pittsburgh believes that the apple Adam ate was the first
heart of a butchered animal. Rep Dennis Kucinich (Democrat Cleveland)
is a vegan who has worked for the rights of blue collar laborers, for the
environment, and for peace. Vegetarian monasteries in Massachusetts,
New York, Kentucky, Ohio serve only meatless meals.. Ron Pickarsky,
former Catholic brother, now married,
has worked with commercial establishments helping them to transition
JB exec of an Ohio corporation, rings a bell for the Knights of
Columbus in public places, and has in the past inquired where he could
get vegan no feather sleeping bags to be consistent in his vegetarian
diet. D. Marshall, New York homeless shelter worker, is a vegetarian
who does not proselytize the poor who come in to his welcoming inn.
Catholic colleges such as Georgetown have responded to the growing
number of their vegan students by providing options. Thomas Merton,
author of Seven Story Mountain and Trappist monk, was a vegetarian,
and activist for interfaith cooperation. For this he may have been
murdered. EL, New York environmentalist, poet, and mystic, originally
became vegetarian for economic reasons, while one of his teachers, Fr.
Daniel Berrigan, eats no meat. CW, Catholic nurse, was nursing her
child one day when a mosquito landed on her arm. She decided to nurse
him too. One Catholic seminarian experimented with pot once.. and his
perceptions slowed down. The chicken leg he was gnawing on became the
leg of a chicken. That day he stopped eating meat and stopped smoking
pot. A Catholic secretary for Cleveland Amory's Fund For Animals
became vegan. K Fromer Blanc, Brooklyn nun, is a vegetarian as are
millions of other Catholics. Father Mario Mazzoleni, now deceased,
wrote on his decision to become vegetarian. His book is translated
by a Notre Dame professor.The temptation to eat meat is chemical in
nature, as the uric acid in meat is more addictive than caffein since
it is trioxypurine or 3 oxypurines while caffein is dioxypurine or 2.
Exodus 26: 34 is a command not to kill. Governor Jesse Ventura in
reference to the death penalty (for animals too) has said that that
command is not asterisked with exceptions. St Thomas in the Thomasine
has many references to the fruiteating of Christ. Thomas, the
skeptical apostle, went to Madras India where even today are millions
of Catholic descendants of his preaching.
Cesar Chavez, the saintly activist for the rights of farm workers,
continued the tradition of nonviolence in his labor organizing as well
as his diet. He and Gandhi looked to Leo Tolstoy, Russian Catholic,
who wrote The Kingdom of God is Within You.
Albert of Michigan, a Catholic paraplegic, has spent much time
researching Catholic vegetarianism in history. He says that the word
'opsarian' means 'pickled fish' and is the Greek word for the fish
Jesus created, meaning that Jesus did not materialize freshly
suffocated fish but materialized processed fish.
Francisco Martin, Madrid Spain secretary of the IVU is a Catholic
vegan activist. Colman McCarthy, former Trappist and syndicated
columnist, lectures around the world on peace studies and has long
been mostly fruitarian. Bruce Friedrich, Catholic of PETA, ran their
Jesus Was Vegetarian campaign.
St Blaize's throat protection is not necessary if one stops
eating innocent fishes, suffocated and smothered, with their eyes and
throats ripped out by vicious hooks. The countries with the most
fish consumption have the most stomach cancer. Many members of the
Catholic Worker community as their founder Dorothy Day follow
vegetarian diet
in Matthew 25 and many other homes.
Dr. Virginia Bourquardez, who once
hitchhiked for the first time at the age of 77 when her ride
worked her entire life for animals, and became a vegetarian in her 70's.
Malcolm Muggeridge the British intellectual abstained from meat in
later years..
Helen Jones of the National Catholic Soc. For Animal Welfare worked
with her
sister Ruth out of their Clark Summit Pennsylvania home. Leonardo Da
a Catholic, was also a fruitarian. Danny DeVito protects insect life
as well
as mammals.

Fr. Mario Mazzoleni on his decision to become vegetarian (after 3
years as a strict vegetarian, Fr. Mario Mazzoleni speaks of a desire
for meat. * see above
the addictive trioxypurine in meat) I would be a hypocrite if I led
the reader to believe that I was strong enough to be perfectly
faithful to my Lenten resolution. ..I
hadn't yet completely resolved my desire for meat - and so the
repressed desire
was floating to the surface. It is a fact that the minute I would sit
down to meditate, the most succulent meals would pass in front of my
mind, full of fragrant roasted chickens and various sausages. What to
do? If I was going to ruin all my meditations for a
roast chicken, it would be better to eliminate the problem by facing
it head on. And so after 3 years of strict vegetarianism, I decided to
get rid of the desire once and for all by satiating myself with a meat
dinner. After all, I told myself to quiet my sense of guilt, "It isn't
a crime to eat meat, and I can't say that because I'm vegetarian I'm
better than many people who are carnivorous." It was almost a
traumatic experience. I remembered an analogous experience of Gandhi's
that he recounted in his autobiography. Convinced by a friend that
India could be liberated only by the grit
of someone who ate meat, he hid himself on a river bank to consume
some barbecued baby goat meat, and the next night he could feel
bleating in his chest. Instead of enjoying the coveted snack in peace,
the minute this little faithbreaker set his teeth into the cruel
repast* (* a reference to Dante's Inferno.. in which
meat is described as a cruel repast in XXXIII.1) he was himself bitten
by remorse and anxiety. I kept seeing the animal alive in front of me,
and this inhibited the desire that was so enticing when it was simply
mental. I immediately noticed some other effects, physical as well as
psychic. My intestines held that food much longer than they kept
vegetables,and my sense of smell, made sensitive by several years of
was able to detect the odor of the cooked animal on my skin. It was a
disagreeable sensation. As for my psyche, I noticed that my mind,
which during my 3 year "Lent" was no longer seriously agitated by
unwanted thoughts, suffered a set back from that carne-vale (meat
festival); polluting throughts started to enter again in triumph. It
was a lesson. As always it is experience more than words that has the
greater power of persuasion. The decision to adopt a vegetarian diet
was motivated also by a religious actor. I knew that I was going to a
sacred place.
quoted from Don Mario Mazzoleni's book, published by Leela Press of
Faber, Virginia USA
Genesis 1: 29 Behold I have given you herbyielding seed.
To you it shall be for meat. (The fruitarian Garden of Eden)
Methusaleh.. the oldest man in the Bible, achieved 969
orbits of the sun.
Exodus: 26: 34 Thou Shalt Not Kill (not asterisked with
Jesus: Ye are whited sepulchres (Greek sarcophagi sarx flesh ..phagi
Jesus threw the butchers out of the temple. Daniel was vegetarian
in the lions' den and therefore was
not harmed. Daniel was in jail 10 days and his
condition as a vegetarian was better than those who
were not.
Paul: If your flesheating offends your brother, forego it.
Jesus: Feed the hungry (450 times as many people per acre
can be fed tree products in comparison to slaughterhouse
Many Catholics are praying that the Holy Father who takes such a
strong stand
in preventing the violence of war and execution, will withdraw his
endorsement of the cruelty of lab research. Many Catholic churches
have blessing of the animals ceremonies.

Abba in the name of Jesus thank You that You are now ending all
violence to people, animals, and all beings on Your planet now and


These passages are taken from a pamphlet written by General Bramwell
Booth, former director General of the Salvation Army, and a son of
founder General William Booth.

"Here are some of my reasons for doing so (becoming vegetarian):
1. Because I have myself tried a vegetarian diet with the greatest
benefit having been for more than 10 years at l time a strict vegetarian.
2. Because according to the Bible God originally intended the food for
humans to be vegetarian. (here he quotes Genesis 1:29 "Behold I have given
you herb yielding seed. To you it shall be for food.")
3. Because a vegetarian diet is favourable to purity, to chastity,and to
perfect control of the appetites and passions which are often a source
of great temptation, especially to the young. (
4. Because a vegetarian diet is favourable to robust health and
strength. With very few exceptions, and these only confirmed invalids,
I believe the people would be stronger....

5. Because tens of thousands of our poor people (could save money).
6. Because a vegetarian diet of wheat, oatmeal and other grains,
lentils, peas, beans, nuts and similr food is more than ten times as
economical as a flesh diet. Meat contains half its weight in water
which has to be paid for as though it were meat. A vegetarian diet,
even if we allow cheese, butter and milk will only cost about a
quarter as much as a mixed diet of flesh and vegetables.
7. Because a vegetarian diet would stop the enormous waste of all
kinds of animal food.

8. Because a vegetarian diet is a great protection against our drinking
(this belief of General Booth has been upheld by modern biochemistry
research about the relationship of meat and alcohol)....
9. Because a vegetarian diet is favorable to industry and hard work...
10. Because it is proved that life, health, and happiness are all
favoroued by a vegetarian diet.**
11. I favour a vegetarian diet because the digestive organs of humans
are not well adapted to the use of flesh....
12. Because it is very difficult.. especially in hot weather and warm
climates to keep flesh food sweet long enough to cool and eat it and
a great deal of meat is eaten after it has begun to decay...
13. Because a great deal of the flesh meat which is supplied for human
food is already diseased, and because it is nearly impossible to be
sure than any flesh is quite free from the germs of disease. Much
common meat, which is often that of old animals, is well known to be
sold to the butchers because the animals are sick, or unhealthy.
And the best meat is nearly always the flesh meat of young animals who
are fattened and killed before the germs of many diseases have had
time to develop so as to show themselves. So that many animals re
killed, which though believed to be healthy, are really diseased.
This is especially the case with calves for veal, young bullocks for
beef and with lambs and young pigs.
14. Because I believe that the great increase in consumption and
cancer during the last hundred years has been caused by the great
increase in the use of animal food, and that a strict vegetarian
diet would greatly help to ward off these most terrible and
'incurable' diseases.
15. Because I believe that a flesh diet brings on many very painful
diseases, which though not perhaps immediately dangerous to life cause
much suffering and loss. I mean such complaints as eczema,
constipation, piles, worms, dysentery, severe heaches and the like. A
vegetarian would do much to relieve if not cure them.
16 Because of the awful cruelty and terror to which tens of thousands
(now billions)of animals killed for human food are subjected in
traveling long distance by ship and rail and road to the
slaughterhouses of the world. God disapproves of all cruelty whether
to man or beast.
17.Because of the terrible cruelties practised for killing animals in
many slaughter houses. The whole busines of killing is cruel.. even
when it is done with care, and we know that in the case of millions of
creatures it is done with very little care. Ten thousand pigs are
killed for food every hour in Europe alone. (Now Oscar Mayer kills
1100 pigs an hour at their Madison Wisconsin plant.)
18. Because the occupation of slaughtering animals is brutalising to
those who are required to do the work. "The highest sentiments of humane
men" says a certain writer, and I agree with him, "revolt at the
cruelty, the degrading sights, the distressing cries, the perpetual
bloodshed, and all the attendant horrors which must surround the
transit and slaughter of suffering creatures." *
19. Because a flesh diet is not necessary to hard work. A great part
of the work of the world is done by animals which subsist on vegetable
namely, horses, mules, camels, oxen, etc.
I believe this matter is well worthy the serious consideration of
Christian leaders. It has an important bearing not only on their own
health and happiness but upon their influence among the people, as men
and women who are free from the bondage of that selfish gratification
which so often afflicts the professed servants of Christ. Let us
remember the Apostle's direction: 'Whether ye eat or drink, or
whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.' "
(published by the LVS 53 Marloes Rd. Kensington London UK WCool
(We copied from an old pamphlet.. to have the full text write or
webvisit the London Vegetarian Society)

originally reprinted by the London Vegetarian Society
Most Biblical scholars believe Jesus was vegetarian
Bible quotes on vegetarian diet

1. Thou Shalt Not Kill (not asterisked with exceptions)
(kill no animal.. eat no animal)
2. Feed The Hungry (an orchard yields 450 times as much food
per acre as a cruel slaughterhouse)
3. Isaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifices
4. Genesis 1 29 Behold I have given you herb yielding seed..
to you it shall be for food
5. Daniel 1 Daniel was a vegetarian and his health was better than
that of nonvegetarians
6. Isaiah 65: The lion shall lie down with the lamb.. they shall not
hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full
of the knowledge of the Lord.
* British juries for a time would not allow
butchers to sit in judgment of others. It was
felt their jobs brutalized them.
** Now some life insurance companies give discounts
to vegetarians.. based on fewer incidences of
heart disease, cancer, food poisoning, diabetes,
kidney dysfunction, etc.

Editor's note: General Booth treated alcoholism with vegetarian diet..
and found that this treatment severed the meat-alcohol chemical
marriage. His success spread the SA around the world. )


It has been my habit since 1994 to practice a vegetarian diet. It is
not necessary for me to take life to sustain my own. I believe that
all life is sacred from the house fly to the human. God is the Creator
of all Life. In the beginning God created all life vegetarian, both
human and animal. It was not until after the flood that living beings
began to eat meat. I do not preach that it is sin to eat flesh but I
will say in this day and age it is unwise. God's original design was a
vegetarian diet until sin entered the world and death by sin. I choose
to honor God's original design with my diet. I do not have the ability
to eat animals. I cannot do this in good conscience. I have offered my
diet to God as a perpetual fast. I have chosen to honor His original
diet and to reverence the life He created. In order to eat an animal
she must first be dead. It is not wise to devour death.

Brother James Marcus


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