So what would the preferred course of action be then?

We can allow a user to set a preferred full screen window adapter, or we
can choose to go full screen window on the monitor that the window is
currently over. Which would be prefereable? Perhaps both?

I think both sound good, but at least the second would make things a lot better already. I'd start with the second one.

We could have a display option called ALLEGRO_PREFERRED_WINDOW_ADAPTER
with a value set to the adapter preferred to go full screen window on
when setting the display flag ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW? Would it
override the adapter set with al_set_new_display_adapter or would it
only succeed it? Ie. New displays get created on the
'new_display_adapter', and subsequent calls to
al_set_display_option(display , ALLEGRO_PREFERRED_WINDOW_ADAPTER ,
adapter) would move the window onto the specified adapter? Should it
move a window or only control the monitor that it goes full screen
window on? Would it move the full screen window onto another monitor if
it was already full screen? If you can answer some of these questions, I
can begin to work on a patch for it.

Yeah, I kind of like the display option idea. I suggest that it overrides al_set_new_display_adapter. If possible, it'd be nice to move it, but if not, I think just being able to select it for the next full screen transition would be good.


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