Josh, as you’ve probably noticed I’ve tried sending an e-mail to that alias 
twice – just to make sure I’ve got the address correctly. But I’m getting a 
message back, saying that no such address exists. Are you sure it’s 


From: Josh Spain []
Sent: Friday, September 2, 2016 18:49
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Subject: RE: [Allseen-core] Publishing XSD

To update the hld web page you want the extras/webdocs repository. The Sec2 hld 
is somewhere under the docs folder. It's not too hard to find, as it's under 
the same path as you find it on the main website.

To be consistent the XSD files could be checked in to the core/alljoyn repo 
under the docs folder next to the existing ones for introspection.

Once you are finished with the XSD files and they are merged with master you 
need to email<>
 and tell them the URL to publish the XSD files on the website.

*If anyone else has any opinions on this please speak up.*


On Sep 2, 2016 1:48 PM, "Pawel Winogrodzki" 
<<>> wrote:
Thanks for the answer Josh. So what I would at least like to do, is add my XSD 
to wherever that introspection is AND modify the Security 2.0 HLD web page by 
adding links to these new XSDs somewhere there, so they are discoverable this 
way. Could you tell me, if that would be ok and which repos should I clone?


From: Josh Spain [<>]
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Subject: Re: [Allseen-core] Publishing XSD

Hi Pawel,

We currently have the following XSD up on the website:

This is not actually being used because we are still using the DTD only for the 
Introspection XML. However we have a plan to switch to using the XSD for 
Introspection XML in the future.

We should agree on a base URI going forward. I'm fine with it staying but I am not opposed to changing it.


On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 9:50 PM, Pawel Winogrodzki via Allseen-core 
Ping. Are there any news regarding this topic?


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Hi all,

For some time now we’re got Security 2.0 APIs accepting XML strings as input 
arguments for manifests, manifest templates and policies. I’d like to post the 
corresponding XSDs for them on the AllSeen web site, but I don’t know what’s 
the process for that and which repo contains the required files. I would be 
very grateful for any help regarding this topic.

Currently the XSDs are stored in the core repo under “alljoyn_core/docs”.


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