I have compiled AllJoyn version 15.04 SDK on my Linux machine, as I understand 
from AllJoyn's site that this version is certified to work with my LIFX White 
800 E26.
I am seeing some weird behavior:
Communicating with the bulb on local network when there is no WAN (the bulb 
cannot talk to the cloud component) works fine, and consistently so, however, 
when there is WAN access the behavior is very, VERY, sporadic at best, 
sometimes it will work and sometimes not, trying to simply turn the light on 
and off.
When trying to debug the issue I capture the traffic on my Linux and do see the 
AllJoyn messages of TransitionLampState and get a reply of LampStateChanged, 
but the same messages arrive even when the bulb does not react to the change, 
meaning the bulb returns a "state changed" message when it does not change its 

Any idea how should I proceed?


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