Each year the Scottish Rock Garden Club is fortunate to be able to award grant 
aid for students 
of horticulture or botany to aid them in their  college or university costs and 
also give grants 
for exploration projects. 
(You can find all details  here 
http://www.srgc.net/site/index.php/extensions/grants on the SRGC website ) 

July 2014 :  IRG 55 has an article from Elspeth Mackintosh, Senior 
Horticulturist at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
on a trip she made to Bhutan, part funded with an SRGC Exploration Grant.
(This article was first published in the SRGC journal.)

Link to download  IRG #55  
A full index for the IRG is   here: 

The SRGC offers what we believe to be a really affordable rate of e-subcription 
to the Club, which gives online access 
to the twice yearly journal, The Rock Garden, as well as to the Seed Exchange 
for only £10 per annum.   
For young people under 18 years of age, interested in rock garden and alpine 
plants, there is also the option 
of a postal membership to the Club for just £3 per annum.
The SRGC believes in positive action to encourage and assist access to 
membership and study alike.  

We hope that this is of interest to those of you unaware of the many "faces" of 
the SRGC.


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